Our food system is flawed

San Diego County has more small farms than any other county in the United States, yet the majority of San Diegans have no idea of the world class produce that’s grown locally. This is primarily due to an antiquated food distribution system that is not compatible with small farmers. Most people consume ingredients that are produced by industrial scale farmers and passed along a complex supply chain that involves lots of intermediaries. This makes food cheap, but it obscures the orignal source of the ingredients, which means you don't really know how your ingredients were raised. Did the farmer raise them responsibly? It's anybody's guess.


Driven by our mission to connect you with local food, we go directly to local growers and artisans to source our ingredients. By taking the initiative to build strong relationships with local growers, we gain transparency into how they produce the ingredients that we use. The result is food that we can all be proud to eat, knowing that it was farmed responsibly and handled with care.

Inspiration & Perspiration

LuckyBolt’s journey began in 2003 when it’s founder, Kris Schlesser
felt the same frustration that every busy professional experiences every day:
it’s next to impossible to maintain a healthy diet when you’re busy.


"LuckyBolt launches the first incarnation of it’s free lunch-delivery service in Downtown San Francisco, bringing food from the city's best restaurants to FIDI and SOMA via bicycle."


"LuckyBolt relocates it’s headquarters to San Diego and launches it’s free lunch-delivery service, bringing food from local restaurants to the local business community."


"The LuckyBolt Kitchen begins making healthy dishes for our health-conscious customers. We originally started out in a shared kitchen."


"With support from Mission Driven Finance, LuckyBolt opens our flagship Kitchen & Takeaway in Sorrento Valley."


"In partnership with Cruzan, LuckyBolt opens Cafe Boulon at Pacific Plaza in Sorrento Valley and later in the year opens Break: All-day Cafe & Lounge in partnership with The Casey Brown Company at the iconic AMP&RSAND campus in Mission Valley."


When the COVID-19 pandemic forced schools and offices to close, LuckyBolt had no choice but to shutter it's office-delivery service and find another way to connect with customers. The team doubled down on its mission to support local farmers and launched LuckyBolt Craft Local Fare, which focuses on delivering high-quality prepared foods and kitchen staples directly to homes throughout San Diego County.


At LuckyBolt we're always looking for ways to have fun and make the world a better place for everyone. Stay tuned for new developments!